A review of the Speed Coaster 2016

K'NEX Speed Coaster PackageWhen it comes to appeasing the kid’s desires, nothing does it best than a complete and functional toy; the more complex it is, the better. This is because they will spend as much time with it trying to decipher the maze and rip the best from it. The Speed Coaster is one of the most recommended toys when it comes to placating the kid’s desires. This only goes for 79.99 dollars, which is more than half the price of the Knex serpent spiral coaster though it is less comprehensive. The toy can be found from a local store or from an online shop.

The product comes in a case with the dimensions of 2.5 x 12 x 9.8 inches. This makes it highly portable especially when considering its maximum weight of 1.4 pounds. The shipping of the product is available to many countries including those in the United States. This product has by far received a customer rating of four stars by the Amazon.com shopper and is continuing to gain more popularity with each passing day.

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The Speed Coaster is as easy to build a roller coaster, as it is entertaining to the kids. There is a maximum of 428 pieces, a number that is more manageable than other Knex coasters. All the pieces are labeled using different colors so that the kids can know where to place them. Inserts are used which means no added tools are required. The complete model appears more presentable and is portable even to the kids aged 3 years. The structure is appealing and able to use with less strain. There is also a chain to fasten it so that there are no unwanted movements or collapse after assembling the 428 pieces.

K'NEX Speed CoasterEffectiveness in time spending is all that the Speed Coaster centers on most. During the installation process, it takes quite some time for the kids to complete the assembling process. This is not so had a process since there is usually a comprehensive knex roller coaster instructions guide that guides them through the whole process. This means that less parent intervention is required. The colored pieces require inserting to create loops and barriers are arranged in terms of colors. This means that the kid is able to know which piece goes where and how.

The performance of the Speed Coaster is another aspect that makes it most preferred by the kids. This is part of the collectible collect and Build Amusement Park Series, which like all the prior models; it is designed for great performance. It stands 2 feet high and it can be combined with added sets to make a new ride. To ease with the performance, the sets are motorized to ensure exciting thrill in the ride. The only added thing, which is not included in the pack, is the two required ‘AA’ batteries. Kids can also use their toy cars to push up and down the model.

The manufacturers’ recommended age is seven and above. This is due to the dangers that can be posed by the small connecting pieces if misused. However, under monitoring, kids of as low as 3 years can use it.

Speed Coaster

Price: $47.70

3.3 out of 5 stars (20 customer reviews)

2 used & new available from $47.70

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