The Beauty Of Knex Lava Launch Coaster

K'Nex Lava Launch CoasterKnex lava launch coaster is a product from Knex roller coaster that has great features to improve the entertainment industry. This product helps you become an engineer by towering the monstrous model of knex roller coaster while building the set. Knex lava launch coaster has over 1200 colorful plastic pieces that should be stick into place to make the roller coaster complete. These plastic pieces should be clicked into place. It has a motorized blaster that is used to shoot the miniature car up a volcano shaped structure that consists of 20 feet spirals, twists and loops.

Knex lava launch coaster has a colorful coded instruction that is means to help the kids find fun in connecting and assembling the pieces in to position ready for use. It can be assembled by kids of nine years and above easily since it has instructions that are easy to follow.

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It has a four feet tall structure and has an upside down turns that are made together with sudden drops and twists that sends your heart pounding and beating faster. The coaster car is blasted up and down, around the perilous ride. It is a simple and easy way to connect and build the roller coaster though it has over sixty pages that are to be followed to make the building process complete. It is therefore easy for kids since the pieces are easy to fix into place.

The time it takes to assemble the pieces of Knex roller coaster together may range from three hours and therefore needs dedication and concentration in all the steps involved. It has a five graphic panel that gives it the decoration that flourishes the structure that has the shape of a volcano. When the building procedure is over the kids should wait for some few seconds after turning on the motor before the car can spool up pushing the coaster car into place climbing into the greater heights.

The car should run along the whole track of 20 feet when it is assembled properly. In case it does not, then you can identify the faults then fix them properly. The whole package consists of fice graphic panels, one coaster car, one motorized blaster and an instruction manual that has the necessary instructions. The set does not have batteries that are used in operating the motor. This means that batteries should be bought separately. The product has a 3 ‘C’ batteries.

Knex lava launch coaster enables kids to make eight models that are meant to create an exiting amusement park. It has a thrill ride collection and it is meant for kids who have the capability to read instructions and follow them. It has small parts that mean that kids of below three years should not use the toy since there are possibilities of choking.

The dimensions of Knex lava launch coaster are 36 * 54 * 32 inches and the shipping weight is 1 pounds. It is available for shipping in countries outside United States. The ASIN is B0024H7JJM and the model number is 500050. this is a great toy to help your kids have fun.

K'Nex Lava Launch Coaster

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