K’NEX Serpent’s Spiral Coaster Review 2016

K'nex Serpent's Spiral Coaster Review

Kids, especially the teenagers can be really troublesome when it comes to their needs. They do not care whether the parent has the money or not so long as their desires are met. This is an aspect that has been satisfied by the K’nex Serpent’s Spiral Coaster. This is a comprehensive and advanced playing toy which is designed to take the kids by storm and get them off your back for quite some time. The device only costs 154.95 dollars which are worth every penny considering the benefits that the user gets.

The Knex coaster is all that the kids need to get them off your back. It stands a total of 5 feet high and has over 38 feet of track. This makes them quite intriguing when it comes to the kids since there is lots of flexibility in their playing. The 38 feet of track makes it even useable by more than one kid since there is enough room for their playing. What’s more is that it inspires creativity since the kids are left to come up with their desired designs of the track which is done by fixing the Knex parts.

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Time is the key aspect that the K’nex Serpent’s Spiral Coaster has been designed to use cover comprehensively. The knex roller coaster has exceptional networks of spirals, obstacles and looping tracks. This ensures that the kids will seldom get bored when using them. It requires lots of thinking to get through all the obstacles and cover the entire 38 feet track built on the impressive spiral network. Running cars through the maze creates lots of excitements to the kids as well as inspire creativity.

In addition to time spending, building a roller coaster takes lots of exiting time to complete. There are over a thousand pieces that the kids have to connect using the plastic inserts so that they can come up with the 38 feet track. This means that the excitement begins right after opening the 3.5 x 14.2 x 20.1 inches case which basically weighs a total of 6.5 pounds. Joining the pieces requires no skills and it is simple to pull out. Before the kids know it, hours have passed when the model is complete. They then spend another hours racing cars through the complete knex coaster.

K'nex Serpent's Spiral Coaster

K'nex Serpent's Spiral Coaster

K'nex Serpent's Spiral Coaster

The joining of all the pieces does not take experts. Any kid can complete the joining on their own with no much support. The model comes with knex roller coaster instructions which are simple to understand for the kids. This helps in guiding them through the entire process with less support. What’s more is that they have an option of two designs: step2 coaster and the step2 roller coaster.

The model comes with two chrome finished toy cars which are to be carried up the vertical motorized chain lift. There are added Knex parts which are 1,082 in total. The design requires the two ‘AA’ batteries to run effectively. However, it is important to note that the K’nex Serpent’s Spiral Coaster is best suited for kids aged between 9 and 14. It can lead to choking hazards to kids below 3 years due to the small parts the model uses.

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