The Best Review Of K’NEX Screamin Serpent Roller Coaster 2016

KNEX Screamin Serpent Roller Coaster PackageK’NEX screamin serpent roller coaster is a toy that won the run away award that is offered from Knex roller coaster. It is meant for the entire family. This is a type of monstrosity model or make that has dimensions of 6.5 feet long, width of 21/2 feet and 3 ½ feet tall. It has a design that resembles the recent knex roller coaster made of steel. This product has movement that has duplicate of turns, loops and cooling that makes the movement look like a snake. This makes the name sensible due to the motions that are involved I when using it.

K’NEX screamin serpent roller coaster is operated by seating on it then the motor found on the roller coaster turned on. The motion begins creating some fun and excitement when operated. It produces sounds that resemble realistic sounds of motor or cars that are moving in high speed. The fast motion cause effects that may result into increased adrenaline, pounding of heart and stomach discomfort.

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K’NEX screamin serpent roller coaster is guaranteed by ACE to be a safe toy for use. This is the one of the greatest organization for roller coaster. It got an award in the year 2002 from the testing council. This gave it the highest rating that makes it reliable for use especially by the children as toy and form of entertainment and fun.

The product has won other awards that include child magazine best toys of the year, family fun toys, and activity toys in the category of the ages 10 years to 12 years. Some of the other awards and appreciations include Seal of Approval, Parents Magazine, and real roller Coaster awards. It has an acceleration, velocity and design of work steel Coaster.

KNEX Screamin Serpent Roller Coaster With ToddlerIt has 1,283 pieces that are supposed to be assembled and built together; it has a 23 Feet track, and 3 Coaster Cars that have a loop appearance. The product has a capacity that can carry 6 Passengers. This is has a design that has Chain that are motorized to produce sound. It has various colors and instructions that are coded to help in the building of the 2 Designs. These two designs include a Screamin Serpent of length that exceeds 6 1/2 Feet and a Screamin Serpent Junior. The one for the junior is a type that has length of 5 feet. It has a canopy design. It needs batteries of size 2AA used for motor and sound module that takes batteries of size 3 AAA. These are normally not included with the product and therefore mean that you will have to get them separately.

K’NEX screamin serpent roller coaster is a toy meant for entertainment but has regulations that do not allow children of below 3 years to use it. It is a set that is easy to build. It has pre-made cars that have wheels on all sides. This product comes with other additions such as flags, sign and huge serpent. This is great for educating kids and makes the kids have the feeling of an engineer when fixing the parts of the K’NEX roller coaster. It has a shipping weight of 8 pounds and ASIN code of B00005CFD1.

KNEX Screamin Serpent Roller Coaster

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