Step2 Extreme Roller Coaster Review 2016

Step2 Extreme Coaster Ride-On With ToddlerTo many of us, bring up the kids under the age of ten can be very demanding. This is due to their inquisitive manner as well as their desires to learn more of anything they come across. This is the main reason leading to the introduction of the Step2 Extreme Coaster. It is suit for kids aged between 36 months to 8 years though this can go to the extreme ages when well supervised. The setup only costs $254.50, which is worth each penny. The shipping process especially when done from Amazon takes three to five days to get to you.

In the purchase product, the package usually measures 30.5 x 132.8 x 40.8 inches, which offers considerable portability when using them. It is made of plastic materials, which earns it a maximum weight of 70 pounds. The weight doe not lead to added costs since the shipping weight is usually 85 pounds. The shipping can only be done to 48 contiguous states.

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This is the right playing toy for the thriller seeking kids in roller coaster. It offers bigger playing area and has numerous protective features for the kid’s safety. It offers an extreme ride for the kids, right in the backyard while one does other chores. This is essentially designed to get the kids off the parents back. This device offers gravity powered exceptional fun for the kids.

The Step2 coaster offers extreme fun for the kids with no added cost. It is gravity powered and brings excitement by bring the park to the backyard. There is also a Step2 classic, which has been redesigned for larger kids with stronger features to withstand the heavy weight and create more room. The smaller kids can hop in the coaster car, which is designed for maximum safety to have their feet off the ground. There are handgrips on the coaster car, which adds to the safety and smooth riding.

Step2 Extreme Coaster Ride-On Full ViewThe Step2 Extreme Coaster offers colorful appearance that adds to the excitement. There are no sharp edges that can injure the kids and there are many features to ensure utter security even with no adult supervision. The transition tracks are smooth and help in the simulation of a real roller coaster of down a hill. The coaster car is not heavy and the kids can easily push it up the track. There are integrated stairs for easier climbing up the track.

The Step2 Extreme Coaster is a kid operated fun setup, which ensures hours of endless fun for the active kids. Adult supervision is however required in the assembly process with the help of the knex roller coaster instructions to guide one through. The setup holds a maximum of 200lbs and measures 30.5 inches in width, 132.75 inches in length and 40.75 inches from the ground up. This is a considerable dimension that ensures safety and reduces injuries that might be incurred because of a fall.

This is by far the best present for kids below the age of ten. It is energy and cost effective. The coaster car on the other hand has smooth running which ensures complete enjoyment for the kids. It can run for quite a distance after completing the slope.

Step2 Extreme Roller Coaster Ride-On Playset

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